Jennifer E. Moss is a metalsmith and fiber artist who uses various techniques and materials to create adornment for body or space.
Emergent Geographies II. Wool, Silk, Wire, Wood Panel. 48" x 30" 2015
Emergent Georgraphies I. Wool, Wire, Wood Panel. 24" x24" 2014
Emergent Geographies III. Mixed Fibers and Wire. 60" x 24." 2016.
Emergent Geographies IV. Wool, Cotton, Wire, Wood Panel. 72" x 36" 2015
Emergent Geographies V. Wire and Mixed Fibers on Stained Wood Panel. 24" x 24." 2016
Emergent Geographies VI. Wire and Mixed Fiber on Wood Panel. 24" x 18." 2016
Emergent Geographies VII. Wool and Wire on Stained Wood Panel. 24" x 48." 2016
Emergent Horizons. Site Specific intervention. Wool and Wire on Fire Door. 144" x 144" 2016