Jennifer E. Moss is a metalsmith and fiber artist who uses various techniques and materials to create adornment for body or space.

Capillary Action
Wool and Mohair on Steel and Aluminium
Dimensions Variable
Installed at A.I.R. Studio, Paducah, KY
June 2012

My work is inspired by natural forms and processes, and the effect of scale and duration in the representation of hidden systems. The branching form we are most used to seeing in trees is similar to the circulatory systems within animals, the growth pattern of slime molds, and even the paths taken by rivers. The forms are consistent because their purpose is similar – the transfer of energy.
I have a great interest in abstract ideas in science, yet as an artist I find that I understand the world through touching and making. The understanding of and reverence for the natural world is something I attempt to communicate through my work. I enjoy the tactility of fiber, and its use in my work is an attempt to engage the sense of touch as well as sight.