Jennifer E. Moss is a metalsmith and fiber artist who uses various techniques and materials to create adornment for body or space.
Deconstructive Nature. Iron Wire, Cotton Thread. Jacquard Woven. 36" x 28"
Deconstructive Nature. Detail.
Tangential Section. Iron Wire, Cotton/Linen Thread. Jacquard Woven. 18" x 28"
Tangential Section. Detail.
Bark. Iron Wire, Cotton and Linen Yarn. 9" x 16" 2013
Reeds. Iron Wire, Cotton/Linen Yarn. Dobby Woven. 8" x 15"
Reeds. Detail.
Undulation. Iron Wire, Cotton/Linen Yarn, Bamboo/Silk Yarn. 10" x 6" Tapestry Woven.
Undualations. Detail.